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Beagles for saleBeagles were developed in England as hunting dogs to chase down small prey such as rabbits. A lot has changed since the origin and perfection of the breed.  Today, many people still use Beagle to hunt rabbit… but just as many keep this dog breed as a family companion pet.While usually classified as a “low shedder” due to the very short coat…all dogs shed. However, it is true that some dogs shed much lighter than other. When it comes to knowing this about Beagles, this breed is a light shedder. There are times when the shed may be heavier. This will happen to a more moderate degree if the dog lives in an area that experiences extreme seasonal temperature changes. Females may “blow the coat” after a heat cycle due to hormonal changes and many females lose some coat after giving birth.

All Beagles have white tipped tails, although it may not be apparent. Some have very few white hairs, only noticeable upon very close inspection, others (usually hunter Beagles) will have hair loss on the tip and there are some that have docked tails. However, this is a strong trait that has been bred into the Beagle bloodline.

While extremely friendly and an absolutely wonderful family pet, owners should be careful when a Beagle is around other small pets such as chinchillas, hamsters, mice, etc. The hunting instinct in this dog may take over and an owner may find that their dog “brings them a present”. While stereotyped as howlers, this breed usually only barks when strangers approach or if they pick up what they consider to be an interesting scent. Those that have Separation Anxiety will also let out a howling bark. For each of these instances, training can greatly reduce the amount of barking.

This breed is very happy living in small apartments or large sprawling homes. However, an owner must keep in mind that when living in a smaller home, daily outdoor exercise such as going for a brisk walk, is important to do at least 1 time per day. The Beagle is an indoor dog! Long ago, rabbit hunting Beagles either lived in kennels with many other dogs for warmth or slept by the fireplace in their master’s home. They did not need to live outdoors to acclimate to temperatures. While he may love exercising with you outside, you will want your dog to sleep and live in the home with you.

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