Beaver Creek Kennel Pomeranians

Thinking about bringing a Pomeranian puppy into your home? Here are a few things to know about the breed as a puppy:

1. Their adorable, fluffy coats may change over time

Pomeranians have one of the most amazing, soft coats in the history of dogs. Their double coat, which needs regular grooming, can come in over 18 different colors, according to the American Kennel Club. White, black, brown, red, orange, cream, blue, sable, and black and tan are just a few of the color variations your Pomeranian pup can have in his early years. Pomeranian coats are a bit magical, though. They can gradually change over time. You may come home with a brown Pomeranian with speckles of tan that turns into a beautiful lighter coat over time.

2. They are closely related to sled dogs and wolves

Old school Pomeranians, known as “Throwback” Pomeranians, were nearly all white and around 30 pounds full grown. These dogs are part of the “Spitz” category, which is a working dog closely related to wolves. Modern day Pomeranians have this adventuresome, energetic blood still coursing through their veins. Once in a while, a Throwback Pomeranian will be born amongst a litter of modern Pomeranians with no explanation as to why!

3. They are extremely intelligent and outgoing

Pomeranian puppies are so wildly popular (aside from their inherent ability to throw anyone into a cute overload) because of their extroverted, smart personalities. Because of their wit, they may sometimes think that you are not worth listening to, especially if it is about something they don’t want to do. Be sure to set the ground rules with your Pomeranian puppy from the get-go to insure she will listen to the commands she is smart enough to take on.

4. Prepare for  “awwws” from total strangers

Pomeranian puppies are: CHARMING. AND. ADORABLE. Pomeranian pups are very alert and may go on watch-dog mode if a stranger comes up begging to pet them during their morning walk. Socialize your Pomeranian early on in order to avoid shrill yaps any time a human they don’t know inevitably coos at them.

5. They will be your friend for a long time

Pomeranian pups can have a lifespan roughly around 12-16 years. The good news is, they will retain their puppy-like happiness, kisses, and playfulness long through their adult years if they are properly socialized and exercised.